Sunday, August 5, 2012

Chapter Two : And all I taught her was, everything.

“Why don’t I make an offer to you Elias? Something with nothing to lose, just lower your gun a little”
Elias knew this was what she was after. But he couldn't help but listen to the proposition. He lowered his gun and pointed towards the exit.
“I want to know why Mascarenas didn't kill me”
“There there, give that old man a break, he steals and cheats but never kills. He’s got no balls.”
Elias let out a big laugh. He wanted to see where the men were stationed while the one woman he didn’t want pointing a gun at him, walked by his side toward the light. He looked around but couldn't see a soul. Binoculars maybe then.
“They want you to hand over Petrucia’s coat. It’s very dear to them and you know how they get when something of theirs is stolen”
“They want to burn the coat with her body?” Elias chuckled.
“Something like that… old debts you see. He had promised her”
“This might have nothing to do with the coat being the only evidence against Danny, now would it?” he smiled at her.
“Of course not honey, it’s just a matter of love. You give them the coat, they give you your life back. Simple?”
“If only."  He raised his hand to her waist, took her gun and pushed her closer to him.
“What have they offered you?”
“Freedom. Sweet luscious freedom.” She laughed heartily and held him tighter while his gun rested near her temples.
“You don’t want to kill me, Elias. I am the only person who has ever loved you."

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