Sunday, August 5, 2012

Chapter Three : Sail away with me honey

Elias knew this was a ploy. She was just saying it. She never loved him, the way he loved her; or so he thought. There was no profoundness in this scheme, they were going to kill her as soon as she got out of here. She had too much red on her ledger.
There was something more to this, they were after the coat. They would burn it for sure, yes. But what was so special about Petrucia's coat?
"Is there something you aren't telling me Viviane?"
"Even if there was, would I show it?," she smirked while she caressed his back a little. He held her too tight for a second, feeling a little too overwhelmed for a second there.
She whispered to him. "This might not be the best time..."
He threw her against the wall. As if he was holding something objectionable and snarled at the thought of her touching him. She placed her hand on her stomach and tried to smoothed the fabric against her body, looking straight at Elias.
"I won't do that again."
"Viviane, you're unbelievable. I am not going to fall for this again. I can't keep fighting this battle in my head. I want to treat you like filth. Because, that's what you've become."
Silence. They looked at each other with a confused expression that was both loving and averse.
"I want to help you Elias. There wont be any strings attached after this. And then we could...," she peered into his eyes. He looked at her once, like a lover... gazing into her honey drop eyes.
"Everybody lies, Viviane. And I hope you're lying to me right now."
"I love your way with words. But, don't forget that there are twelve men watching you right now".
And then he saw it. She was wearing the pendant he had given her.
"It's alright Elias. They can only see you," she smiled.
He smiled back and kissed her full on the mouth. As passionately as ever.

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