Sunday, August 5, 2012

Chapter One : Black bird singing in the dead of night

Elias shot Mr. Mascarenas just above the knee at point blank range. He screamed through clenched teeth. Mascerenas looked at Elias with an expression of pure disgust. Elias had done the smart thing; he had waited till Mascarenas struggled, gliding his weak body to the corner of the room and splashed his face with hot scalding water. Mascarenas laughed after he felt his ears for the first time.
Elias passed out right after he saw the smirk on his face.
After what seemed like yesterday, he felt a rat tug on his shoes. He woke up in a start of repulsive hatred. Mascarenas was gone and so was the rat. He ruffled his hair in pain and got up to see bright light staring into his eyes. Great, drugged with a tiny needle.
“Hello, Elias," said a sweet voice from the back of his head. He turned and there she was.
“Hullo, my love." She jumped to kiss her lover the one last time.
There is always, always a woman involved, he thought.
“Been stuck here for a long time now, is it?”
“Not really, a couple of hours maybe.”
“Interesting, I met Mascarenas last night... I am guessing you spent the night here.”
There was momentary silence and in a flash both of them had raised their guns at each other. Elias came to sense his surroundings and the stench that came from his beloved.
“Been to the sea have you?” asked Elias with a smile on his face.
“Oh, I am sorry if the stench bothers you. I arrived just yesterday, didn’t have a reason to have a shower first before I came here.”
“Aah, Viviane. You always humor me. Nice way to remember our last together.”
Viviane smirked and began unbuttoning her blouse.
“Seducing me to surrender, are we?”
“Hahah, don’t be foolish, darling. It’s just so hot in here... don’t you think?”
She stood before him, gun still pointed at his head, sweat trickling down her neck.

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