Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Yes, it was all about the dogs.

Maybe if I stood near Sri Sri Ravi Shankar for too long with a bat in my hand, I would be accused of murder.
At the dusk of May 30th 2010, an unidentified man tried to shoot Sri Sri Ravi Shankar after five minutes of his departure from the satsang in a car. So who was hit by the bullet? Vinay someone.
After all the speculation, no newspaper wants to sympathize with the man who actually got hit in this incident. No one knows who he is, what is his last name. Whether he invited trouble? Or whether there are gunmen who practice shooting out in the open spaces of his ashram?
You never know…but, then we do know. The attack did not directly make Sri Sri Ravi Shankar the victim of the attack in the matter of logical time and space.
The roar that it created in the media, the devotees, believers, followers was a spectacle. Imagine what would have happened if Ramdev baba’s medicines were stolen.
The facts stated that the guru was attacked because it was written in his horoscope, because his driver had a vision, because he is public, because he is famous, because he is such a nice man. What happened to the guy who got hit? Minor injury, returned home to his family. We deviated from the “attack” and made Naxalites wanting to kill the guru, what could have been their motto? We don’t know, we just assumed.
P Chidambaram argued with the Art of living that the attack was because of an internal dispute between the devotees and that they called it upon themselves. Why Chidambaram has to have a say and publicly create a spectacle with no basis of solid proof is again, we don’t know why.
Why is it that we do know?
All the media channels telecasted what his devotees thought of, what other gurus thought of, what should be done to release hatred from our systems? Why Sri Sri Ravi Shankar? The guru even invited the attacker to his ashram for advice. That’s how open he is. See? Don’t you see it? He is such a good man.
The media did not bother to get the facts right, investigate of why there was an armed person roaming about at the dusk of the evening wanting to kill anybody.
Wait, we did find out. It was a bullet fired to scare away dogs! Yes, from a nearby farm house. It’s like dying in shame.
Why did it take a week for the shooter to say it was him? Why did it take so long for us to find out that Sri Sri Ravi Shankar was not fired at because his driver had a vision and that he was not situated in the 7th house astrologically to indicate, failure of attack?
We don’t know, maybe we don’t want to know.
What happened to Vinay something?
Sigh, again, we don’t know.
What I do know is, I got five to six calls in a matter of five days with persuasive talks of joining art of living to purify myself. Yes.
But do we know the truth? No.