Thursday, September 2, 2010

The young and the restless

The youth. An introduction here is needed. What age group are they from? Are they Literate/ Non-literate? Are they students or young RSS leaders? Do they smoke, don’t they? It’s has been this ‘youths' responsibility to bring change and taste the feel of change since we fought our struggle to be one. What confuses these young sleuths is the understanding of nature and the environment we built around it. Why is the young called, “The young and the restless”, because, they are meant to be young and restless. What makes us infer that they will hold a huge responsibility of bringing change is beyond a lot of us.

This is an introduction that needs deeper justice to its determinants. How democratic, liberal, Left-ist will a teenager be? The figurative implications to these terms may stir some eyeballs but how well do the young understand their application? With minds so frivolous and agile to different things, it's highly unlikely to have a majority who think of bringing social reform in the country. But, yes, there maybe youth organizations going beyond politics. Environment is a very broadly touched topic that stirs the soul of the youth. Social media is full with how much they care, and how child trafficking is bad and joining groups that says, “If 10,000 people join this group, Facebook will remove the group called ‘F**k India’”. What does this imply though? Are we sitting at home and joining groups to not look heartless and let the rest take care of it?

Facebook for that matter is now the youth. It represents them. FB as it is very dearly called has groups for all their moods, likes, dislikes. Every possible gibber, insults, praises, profanity, (s)explicity, love problems, farm game problems is accepted here. Their lives revolve around FB where they make decisions, break-up relationships or get tagged. Although, social media psychology says, that it helps teenagers get talking. They are more open on the internet and that is how our youth will have a voice of its own.

A voice of its own? Are we playing “Let’s see where this goes”? Although some of us are planting trees, writing prolifically, holding discussions over tea stalls, carrying environment campaigns, some of us are also sitting back and wondering what lecture to bunk next morning. It’s a matter of choice to withhold responsibility entitled to the youth, or just maintain mankind. Why, we can’t all be rocket scientists now, can we?

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