Sunday, August 22, 2010

Waiting for the waterfall

A little less time to live,
A little less hour to kill
the sweet victory of the dead,
No flower power, No gentle love
Austerity that pours down streams of rivers
With no direction or commonplace
only an ire to the alive
Flooding in the woods with moths and butterflies
Never given a chance to mend ways
Rafting with the troubled souls
and rock with boats of luck
bringing a new window for love
a new age to wait for a waterfall
that flows with the righteous and the diplomats

Clear steel opacity of gleam
to nurture the life of the very kind
awakening the lifeless for every dime
it isn't the shine of the diamond,
nor a glint of the pearl
There is only darkness for now
that boasts its prevalence in all
So what do we do?
Wait for a lake?
Or be happy in ponds,
Dive in rivers?
Or keep waiting for the waterfall?


Scribblers Inc said...

Clap Clap Clap!! I wish kalmadi could read this!! So apt!

Scribblers Inc.

Samata Joshi said...

Yay :D me clap too :P

Erratic Thoughts said...

Nice read, real good!
Hits bang on-on the reader's mind!(just exactly where it should!)

Samata Joshi said...

Thank you, that's what it was intended to do :)