Tuesday, December 1, 2009


It isn't in anyone's nature to deny appreciation even if its humbly eaten and forgotten about. It caresses (if not violently shaking) your ego, to endure satisfaction of the greater kind. And it isn't fair if you do everything you can, everything you wanted to...and not get appreciated. Is is that we ignore, because its like stating the obvious? 
Or maybe it's something like brass. 
It has all the value in the world, people buy brass vessels thinking one day brass might get more valuable than gold, it even looks like gold, and we will all live a rich life. But what happens to brass is, after a few years of considerable usage, it changes its color a little. It gets darker. And then, it doesn't look like gold anymore. 
Everything that belongs has its way to the tunnel of "believe" posters and neon lights of "you can" that hurts the eye. All that is required is for the tunnel to end and brightness to stare.