Monday, November 2, 2009

Enough : By Kedar Sonigra

My day starts with a cup of tea and some occasional 'butter toast' or 'Marie biscuit', some music ,day-dreaming and then the newspaper.

Hindustan Times.
The newspaper that i read everyday, since 3 years now.
Of course the paper has not changed a bit but my temperament surely has .
I will say I am an emotional reader and things that evoke my emotion usually stick to me and eat me sometimes.The newspaper being a essential part of my morning exercise it affected me throughout the day of course.

Today's paper was 02-11-09

We'll be more aggressive,Raj warns north Indians(headline)
In Ratnagiri,another Singur in the making
We'll retaliate next time, PC tells Pak
TRAIN HITS TRUCK,14 DIE (side bar)

2nd page

Separated at birth

3rd page

Breast cancer stalks city's urban women

7th page

Three engineering students from Bengal drown in Pur
(adjacent to that)
SRK wants to perform at the Games opening

I don't know about you but these lines are just meant to damage your head rather than inform you about anything. The main purpose of the paper is drowned by the stereotype headlines that subliminally induce fear and pessimism onto the mind of the readers.

The cafe carries pounds of worthless emotions too.
They have Candice Pinto giving advice on relationships there! You have to check the pictures they put there(of Candice Pinto). They had Kim Sharma doing the job before(seriously).

But after every fiber of my rage is expressed the solid part in the bird dropping has " Rachana Dubey" written on it.
"Rachana Dubey" is the most pathetic writer.
Hindustan Times is lowering itself .
I mean apart from being a Pro congress,Pessimist, badly edited newspaper which will give you a subscription for 196 rs a year has come up with articles promoting "Himesh Reshamiya, Emran Hashni , Adhyayan Suman ,Mimoh Chakraborty and Harman Baweja" under the headline "WHAT THEY GOT THAT I AINT GOT! "

I think you need some introspection. You also need to see your own face if you tell me that "they" asked me to write it. I think you are too shallow. I am done diving in this muck. Fuck you, I had enough.

I tried tagging all of you but the limit has been surpassed.