Monday, August 10, 2009

Adulterous glances.

It made no difference to him at all. It's hard to communicate with a person who confuses his ego with rationality and understanding. He kept looking hard at the baggage, not ready to stop her or look at her, or ask her.

She kept looking at him sideways, but still not talking. She lowered her guard a little. Went to the bathroom, cried till she thought her lungs would pop out. Why was it so hard? He clearly loved her.

She sat down at his knees, looked into his eyes. They accused her of hurting him. Making him miserable, making him vulnerable. Why did she have to do this? She clearly loved him.

She made coffee for both of them . He lighted up.
they sat in silence, staring at the baggage. she had impulsively decided to move out. tired of the everyday mess.
she couldn't think of not living with him anymore. For the first time, surprisingly, the thought scared her. Not waking up next to his head locking somewhere on her body was scary. Really really scary. She held his hand and he didn't push it away. He tightened the hold that relieved some sort of a knot inside her.
He held her to his body. Stubbed the cigarette and made her comfortable.

They both knew it was going to be hard.

He was now holding her too tight. too much for comfort. She felt suffocated. She held him apart and he looked straight into her eyes. he wanted to know if she was the one. but she wouldn't look him in the eye. something was breaking in both their dreams.
each didn't know what was it. Why they fought so much, why they wanted to sleep on different beds everytime they had an argument.
this was like a routine.

She made her mind.
She called the security up and asked him to take her bags away in the car. She washed the coffee mug she had used and stashed it down her carry bag. He glared at her with serious loathing this time, but then he let go. She pecked him on the cheek and closed the door behind her when she left.

He dialed her number. "She didn't find out. I thought she would, but she didn't. She left though."

She dialed his number. "I left. But he doesn't know and I didn't tell him. I thought he would, but he didn't."