Saturday, July 11, 2009

Lucknowi kurta aur surma.

He could see those pair of legs shine bright and then fade away in a subtle fashion with the trick of the clouds. All he could see were those legs. She kept closing her toes on the sole of her kolhapuris definitely either because she was conscious of such limb display or that she was busy doing something else thus unconsciously playing with her toes. He wanted to know.
He tried bending to get a glimpse of her but then it would have been too obvious if he moved too much. And he just wanted to observe her, without her knowing that he was looking at her.

The train suddenly started gaining speed and he realized he had to get off at the next station. He strapped his kitos on and stood up. He turned to find her legs moving, out of sight. He knew she would get off too. He smiled to himself.
As the train slowed it started raining. Really really hard. The rush of the wind and the tiny droplets left a haze on his spectacles. They were decorative but he still loved wearing them, it was the frame his father used.
He quickly took them off and hooked them onto his shirt and got pushed his way out automatically from the train.
There she was.
Her hair was wet and she walked with such grace that he couldn't believe how beautiful she looked. She was definitely waiting for someone. She was wearing a lucknowi kurta with surma under her eyes and folded pants.
He walked towards the exit and didn't look back. She was the most beautiful Indian woman he had ever seen his entire life.

The rain now dripping down his face he thought of walking down till home. It was such a beautiful weather. He imagined her face as how it looked sideways. How her face didn't have a crease when she smiled. How her toes were talking for her.

" Boss, Shiv mandir kaha aaya?", asked a man from under the umbrella. He came back to his surroundings, answered the man with the funny hair and kept walking. Today he remembered not to forget the mitti she had asked him to get for the plants. It's just amazing how the house feels with fresh plants and the mitti ki sugand.
He figured Mona was coming home too today. So he bought a packet of gulkhand for her.

He reached home when he found a note on the door.

"Will be half an hour late today. Picking up Mona today and coming. Hope you don't forget the mitti, hope it rains too :)"

Damn! He had just remembered not to forget. He went back to the society's garden figuring that stealing from there would be faster and searched for the watchman in the pour. the watchman walked with a plastic bag as if he knew why he had come.
" madam ne bola tha, aap yehi se mitti lekar jaoge"

He couldn't help smiling. He saw up towards the sky while the watchman filled the bag, thinking of the first time he had met her. It was raining then. He looked back down with water in his eyes.
It took him a moment to see clearly when the gate to the society's entrance opened.
A rickshaw came in with its plastic rain protectors not really protecting the woman sitting inside.

Her legs were a milky white. His wife was home.
She wore a lucknowi kurta and surma under her eyes with folded pants.

He ran towards her, gave her a hug while she paid the rickshawala, thus embarrassing the aunty's sitting nearby holding umbrellas while their children threw mud at each other. He slapped Mona on the back for the stupid opps and batts they still played while she got out and turned towards his wife again smiling his impish smile.

"So... I saw the most beautiful Indian woman ever in the train today..."

Thursday, July 9, 2009

No ceiling.

I've been wounded
I've been healed
Now for landing I've been
Landing I've been cleared

Sure as I'm breathing
Sure as I'm sad
I'll keep this wisdom
In my flesh

I leave here believing
More than I had
This Love has got
No Ceiling