Friday, May 22, 2009


So yeah. I haven't done this in a long time. I mean, blogged, just randomly. I was going for some far- fetched-fictional-story-teller thingy. But I'm not too sure how I'm taking that personally. anyhow. I wanted to start this with a "So basically.." but I guess that would have been too me. too predictable. too..what was it?.. "set in my way". So these few months have been quite an episode. With a series of things happening.
but I guess the series seem better in my head. surprisingly, I scored quite a decent shot at my sem 2 attempt. The family seems happy.
i was wondering about this whole " next?" phase. The internet seems even more wider and resourceful now of which I have not much knowledge about otherwise. And yes, I am going through a readers block phase. I cant read for nuts after a few pages. Or maybe I'm reading a little too late in the night that I don't have the endurance of going through one more of Jeeves' ideas and Wooster's foolishness. Wodehouse is brilliant stuff, but I think I should direct my reading skills to something other than Jeeves stories. So I shifted to finally start reading catch 22. :)
I cant believe how uncomfortable I'm right now.

Monday, May 18, 2009


I was running back in time,
fixing all that went wrong.
It's true when they say,
there's always the fight to belong.
It went on for a long time,
with failure and the shine.
Better it is to realize,
running back is living a lie.
Maybe its not the failure,
just the old friendship with prejudice.
And now, its right.
Everything fair.
Closure brings light,
After all,
nothing can stay unfair.
It's a jigsaw puzzle,
laid down for now.
Awaiting our first drizzle,
it just fits right somehow.