Saturday, March 21, 2009

Red shiny loo.

Not that it brings any discomfort to my eyes to have bright clothes piercing my eyes through those transparent shiny doors, its just a wonder how malls can be a little overrated. though PVR at Goregaon has the best ladies restroom ever. EVER. its all granite and red. its beautiful. its like a dream loo. with mirrors that look like dangling in mid-air and amazing basins. believe me. plus the loo cubicles are so huge that one could do it right there. really. its that huge. and no one would even know!
i'm providing a picture of the mindblasting loo.

now sejal wasn't there, this is a pic taken way back. but its THE loo!!!

watching confessions with ash and a tub of caramel popcorn was good stuff for today. sej you shud've been there too. really. the movie is way different from the book, but yet a good watch.
immense boredom is making me write right now, so i dont really have much to write right now.
i used 'write right now', thrice. heeh.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Now or Later.

There was this intuition, there definitely was the feeling. Bewildered of how things were now fitting in like a finished puzzle where you could see the cracks where they joined, she was now convinced. she had seen it coming. And now it wasn't scary anymore. It had to happen someday. Maybe now was the time. she had seen it both ways.

The woman was practically sobbing in her body, looking so dazed and scared. she was not afraid of what she was going to do maybe, just the thought of what would happen later. Is it going to be all black? will there be white? it was time. she had gone through a lot. the marks on her body showed. it was now or never. she leaned ahead, and someone grabbed her from the back and pulled her sari to get hold of her. she screamed," let me do this, leave me alone!"
The train was gaining speed somehow and she couldn't stand on her feet properly.
there was a crowd and then it was all gone. Now there were tears and explanations. this was one way.

It was him. He was on his way to college. To give a stupid exam. And he was late because he was late. he had had no food, just some milk before leaving. Milk always calmed him down. he took out his bike and raced the accelerator to notion that he was leaving, to his mother. She understood and came running outside to wish him luck. But he was gone. He was speeding his way through the highway thinking of banking solutions. Damn that truck. He could've gone miles ahead compared with that stupid pace. He honked a few times to have the truck driver glaring at him in the rear view mirror. He was now desperate. 15 minutes late and now more, was too much. He turned the handle to the right and accelerated more. He zoomed into the way ahead.
It was the most gruesome thing the truck driver had ever seen.
This, the other way.

It was this insane feeling that took her to this different world. She was getting stabbed in the stomach. It was a mutilating stab. There was a lot of screaming. So screechy that her body was writhing. She got up with sweat all over her. It was coming. Either it happens or it doesn't. But it's sure coming.