Friday, March 6, 2009

anything, anyone.

its unnatural to somehow feel this depressed at times over things that you know exist, is going to exist no matter what you do. its funny when you feel deprived of feelings when you don't even experience that attachment anymore. what feeling is that then?
however chaotic things get its always the minute things that hover on the surface, making you feel sick in the stomach. its not even thinking too much into anything, anyone. its just a feeling. where you want to grab someone you love and weep all day long for absolutely no reason at all.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Confusions and confessions.

To think that its illusion,
or mistake it to delusion.
a disarray of belief,
just to bring an ounce of relief.
it could be what it is,
it could be as it is.
but is there measure?
is there conclusion?
the haziness of it all confides,
that illusion could be a device.
not that sanity is at price,
just a feeling with unwanted prejudice.
it conceives purity of belonging,
with sheer acceptance of surroundings,
but still brings a question to avoid,
sinking in this void..
a world of infamous explanations,
it's a wonder how we rely on expectations.
to avoid a shadow
and to darken the room,
isn't any much different.