Saturday, February 21, 2009

"unplanned misery"

okay. so maybe just getting extremely irritated or immensely grossed out is the only solution to things apparently. after a tiring day, maybe when you just expect some nice words or a little care, all you get is pissed off looks or severe distancing. i just don't understand it at times. that however much you try and love some person, its always something you do that pisses them off. you feel there is something terribly wrong with you or probably just that you're a freaking idiot.
having had an almost non-food day, its very likely that nothing good is going to turn out at the end of the day either. i don't even recollect doing anything offensive or repulsive that instead of a hug you get a bloody angry response.
I'm telling you, boys are just mean. and we should definitely throw rocks at them. i thank ashmita to have come up with such a brilliant plan ages ago, coz it really helps right now.
i mean even after trying, it just doesn't work.

Friday, February 20, 2009


Nothing is surreal, everything has a meaning.
everything is real, anything and everything.
when I woke up today morning,
I knew I'd seen a beautiful dream,
but its surreality awakened my reality.
I ought to have cherished it, it seemed welcoming.
and I did.
this brings me back to world.
to have this feeling of reality sinking,
is something extraordinary.
an experience that knows you.
an experience that secures you.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

thoughts and actions.

We say its better unsaid,
a new way of communication..
but do we interpret it correctly?
or just a dart in the sky?
emotions make it way difficult amazingly,
but do we even emote as time goes by?
we make it sound so simple and wonderful..
that we forget how hard it is in realizing it.
enough said is better than unsaid..
just some thoughts that don't change when said..