Saturday, February 14, 2009

"clouds of love"

Not that i don't believe
it's just way over the sleeve
it's hard to find what you want than what you need..
maybe it's the cold,
maybe it's the air,
or maybe it's just the need..
the readiness of celebration
the anticipation of the participation..
not wondering if it's even real,
just the joy of this deal.
but then i still stick with maybe
that it could possibly be.

aakhon ka hai dhokha
aisa tera pyar..
tera emosanal atyachar..


Friday, February 13, 2009


This day couldn't get any worse.
it's just amusing as how stupid things can get at times. i mean i don't know or care whether it was anything to do with today being Friday the 13th or that someone really wishes i wallow till dawn or that tomorrow is valentines day, i don't know. its just ugh!
nehow. so my dad made kadhi with ajma today thinking that it was jeera and i dunno why i just shared that bit of information. it was good kadhi though.
my sister is gone for a good 10 days and now the room is empty and well boring. a lot of alone time though. it helps sure. but i miss her. she is chaotic and all yelly. i like that. :)
i saw welcome to sajjanpur today. :) naaice movie. did not lift up my spirits though. rock version of emosanal atyachar sure did later.

And when we meet
Which I'm sure we will
all that was there
Will be there still
I'll let it pass
And hold my tongue.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


so yes, i have cold. terrible cold. all phlegm and fever. not good, so not good. its almost disturbing. every time i turn my head, the pain follows the direction. its annoying. this morning i get up in acute pain to find myself brushing with huge eyes staring back at me. i seriously do not remember going till the bathroom (which is not far away, but yet) and finding paste in my mouth. i figured it'll still be like late in the night and that i've clearly "lost" it. But it wasnt, it was 6 45 in the morning, very chilly, very very chilly. my mum freaked out seeing me in the bathroom this early in the morning( i left the damned door open) and with me looking dazed she knew something was really wrong. i then realised i'd got up to have some good crocin, which i eventually did gulp down and made myself sleep again. i got up at 12 later! 12!!! damn! after getting tiredly to college, after a good hour of waiting the lecture is cancelled. nehoo. had some intelligent crap going on today, i miss reading hitchhikers you know? ugh. i miss a lot of things. humph!
i made this collage kinda thing the other day of just random pics and it really turned out to be quite naaice. :)
random girl in the train was talking about my-guy-doesnt-care-about-me issue today, very very loudly. her claim was that she called him loads of times and sent him huge emails, but he never replied since two weeks (apparently he lives somewhere very far) and that he has a new girlfriend maybe and that he was the hottest guy she ever slept with. well, looking at her i thought well, yes

  1. he may have been the hottest guy she ever dated
  2. he already has a girlfriend who for sure is two weeks old.
  3. he's already slept with her
  4. and
  5. wake up blondie!!
so yes, train journey was eventful and so was the rickshaw drive, where he nearly had me killed. But yes, things i realised today were that
  1. i could eavesdrop on someone's conversation without thier knowledge
  2. i can go blank for 10 whole minutes
  3. i kinda like jumbo king now somehow
  4. there is no word such as "somewhy"
  5. I'm very cranky when sick
  6. i dont know how to sing
  7. i suck at crosswords
  8. i love the song "aakhon mein jiske" by rock on.
  9. i dun like being called sammy.
  10. i dont know what to write here, i just like 10 points.
ah well, also i have a feeling i'll have a lousy day tomorrow.