Saturday, January 24, 2009

Love is what it is.

To love is a simple feeling...
with crumbs keeping it alive.
I know the dealings with ourselves,
are things where we never lied.
Posing for that picture'
I knew you'd realize
there's so much more to reality;
that stagnancy is something we despise.
Belonging to that frame,
I know I made a good picture.
That I wondered what you captured?
Reality or the stagnancy?
I wondered how much you love me.
I wondered how much you know me.
Whether you realized...
the reality was incomplete,
without the stagnancy being materialized.


I feel good somehow. I dont know with what. I'm comfortable somewhere.
Yesterday I came up with something that I orginally believe in, that people come and go, feelings come and go, but you still remain what you are. And you cant be sure of yourself or your feelings for another unless your through with yourself and know, well, you. And its very unlikely that one wouldnt know themselves. even if you arent sure of what you are, you still know what you believe in and what not. Im just discovering myself. Its draining things out of me that arent needed with very new things that are bewildering me. absolutely. i dunno how much more am i going to know, discover. but it's interesting. very very interesting.

P.S also i just had a hair cut. :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Waiting and anticipating..

following the cliche..

restlessness overwhelming my thoughts

I wonder incredulously..

and then comes change in suit armor

I allow myself to breathe

knowing that he'll find me

I bring myself to irony

wishing there would be, destiny.