Thursday, December 25, 2008


Meet me like the sunshine
grow with me like wine
Mysterious are our meetings..
A feeling filled with novelty
When was the last, that you spoke to me?
I wonder incredibly.
It's been like ages
though it's been only months..
I flip through these pages
reliving old stories just for once.
is it just the beginning or the end of a lifetime?
the sun still shines ablaze and the wine gets better with time.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Day one.

Location- I think it was "karol baug".

Having not slept on the train, which was Rajdhani by the way, I dont mean to brag, but yes, Rajdhani is by far the awesomest train travelling I've done my entire konkan railway life. :P
Too many commas in a row! Nehow. So yes, Rajdhani was a real treat. We had appy on the house for godssake! And very tiny and cute amul butter packets! I love! I love!
We went through the AC sleeper class, in which we did not sleep, yet managed to keep a straight face the next day, coz who are we kidding? We were in delhi, with complete freedom to do WHATEVER we wanted AND were liable to maybe just get a tell off from the professors! :)
I know.
But then it cant be that all good right?
There have to be room switching, gals crying over guys, who gets the bloody cigs? who fights with whom? where are thou nice huge rooms? why the seniors? where the mid-seniors? whats with the food? whats with the all girls shit? why five in a room? why not chuck sumone? who bring the foozebooze? who'll loses the wallet? and many other random shitty shit.

So we get the huge room. We are all there. It stinks. Like crazy. People sprawled on the floor, sofas, bathrooms, legs. everywhere. Had some extreme music playing. We made good nothings-at-all very good you know?
We went late, we got up late, we kicked,we yelled, we bathed in extreme chilly water, we made faces, we lost bags, we found them again, we settled, we yayed!

But I dont know why, the first day is still a blur. I just remember a few bits and pieces together. Where we stayed at 'Shivacontinental "facility" dutifully noted by mathews. And the others were at Hotel Rupam where we ate watery hot chinese soup which tasted awesome in the cold out there. It was a crazy time in delhi. Like proper NEW delhi. The roads there suck, the drivers there suck even more. Plus I really thot that you know a stroll in the weehours would do no harm but I guess I was entirely superbly wrong. There are lecherous lurkers, drunk by standers who stare wide eyed at your "essentials" ( "drunk" is the only possible way to survive the cold at night though) and a lot "unsafe" stuff out there.
So yes, Delhi in a blur was straight with a lot of emotional bitching and a lot of foozeboozin of the others. And for now, I pretty much dunno about the rest of the mates coz I wasn't really much invloved. But yeah, the rest all eight days are fun. All yay kinds.
okay freaks! lets move it!
I love!