Tuesday, November 18, 2008

TERM : Friendship.

Naturally, when i think about friendship between a man and a woman it usually ends up in attraction, sex, kissing-while-drunk, room mates who end up hating each other, sex, jealousy around the newbies, infatuation,teasing, sex and well a lot of other things that usually get in the way. Why can't the two opposite sexes just be friends? like normal non-sex couples? whenever i see a "couple" walking past me, the first thing that comes to my mind is "oh well, look look! another happy couple" and then scoff. (ignore the "scoffing" here) and then wonder.."why even bother"
but seriously whats with this no-friendship thing?
and now you would go ahead and tell me that psychologically and technically we all live and breathe for sex, but once for now, cant we not think of sex and just friendship? just plain-white-flag- friendship?
temme now?
is it impossible?
or do we just hate non-sex couples?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

What in god's name is "love"?

so when you fall in love and are immensely proud of it, why do things go wrong?
i mean why? with so much of pressure of keeping each other happy and then the "issues"!
but now cmon what is the big deal if two people care about each other more, is it like a crime nowadays? heh. i mean my frnds going thru shit coz of this and i cant do any damned thing for her. aarrgghh.
nehow. dont wana elaborate on this.

so nehow, been having so much going on i really have no idea where to begin and end with.