Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Newspaper.

“Where’s the newspaper?”
“It was a national holiday yesterday”
“Right (damn)”
“Aren’t you going for a jog?”
“I haven’t read the newspaper yet.”
“And you wont, because there won’t be any newspaper coming in today. And besides I’m the one who’s the journalist with the need of the newspaper every single day”
“Err… but how can I go for a jog without reading the newspaper today?”
“We are on a vacation. Rhea and the others will be up soon, I just came to wake you up and tell you that I love you and you’re fretting about the newspaper!”
“I’m sorry! But I hadn’t thought this through” muttering, Karan sat down on the bed looking pensive and irritated.
“Hon, I really don’t get you sometimes. Are you all right?”
“Aaina, umm…well you see I-
“Hey you guys, we’re just going down the lake for a jog…karan you want to join us?” Rhea popped in looking very much like a bubble-gum in the pink jogging suit.
“I think Mr. Weirdo here might join you in 5 minutes love”.
“Sure, we’ll wait outside.”
“Hon, you were saying?”
“Aaina, listen love, you know how bad I am at this romantic stuff and its just been wonderful being with you these two years…but-
“Karan are you breaking up with me? Coz if you are then lemme tell you-
“What? No! I’m not breaking up with you, oh my where did you get that?”
“You said ‘but’!”
“But, I still think that you and I even after knowing each other for only two years, are perfect for each other. Now does that sound like I’m breaking up with you?”
“Aww, I’m so sorry I’ve just seen you all jumpy and alert every time I tell you something, I thought maybe you were giving me some subtle hints…”
“ Well, no, I’m just paranoid about the newspaper”
“ Why?”
“I wanted to read the papers before I went for a jog”
“Anyway, I’ll be back in sometime.”

“Shreya!! Can you come in here for a sec?”
“I’ll be right there! Yea temme”
“There’s definitely something wrong with Karan”
“Why? He seemed okay.”
“I dunno, I have this feeling that he’s up to something”
“What do you mean?”
“He was unnecessarily fretting about the newspaper not coming in today…if he’s going to be this peculiar about newspapers-
“Wait! Does he read newspapers in the loo?”
“No, I don’t think so.”
“It could be that you know, guys are pretty vague about this stuff, like priyansh, he just has to have some sorta magazine when using the loo”
“Eww…Err...No, I don’t think that’s the problem.”
“He just seemed to talk about the newspaper because he was trying to hide something else maybe.”
“Ummm…was he reading any of the magazines borrowed from priyansh?”
“Oh god no!”
“Then maybe he has some sort of disease that he’s hiding! Or maybe you know he’s some undercover cop on a mission or worse he’s seeing someone else!!”
“For the love of god, shreya! Don’t put things in my head! Though you know he was saying that he loved me and all and he never usually says such things…I knew I should’ve spoken to rhea about this!”
“Hey come on! He could be a secret agent!”
“Oh shut up you…this is stupid, im worrying for no reason. He just likes newspapers that’s all.”
“Okaaay, if you say so”
“Ah. Go away you!”

Folding the clothes roughly and throwing them in the cabinet was somehow not the best way to fight frustration. She tried making eggs for him and the others, sunny side-up, just the way he likes it. Thinking she’d prolly ask him at breakfast what’s the matter. She burnt some while thinking of him having an affair and then cursing shreya for her vague ideas.
It was 6 30 in the morning, they were all friends on a vacation and the paperboy didn’t come in till 7 30, then why would Karan panic and ask for the newspaper at 6 in the morning?
There was something fishy.
Maybe he just wants a little bit of comic relief from snoopy or a look at those hot Hollywood-
No, just comic relief. Snoopy it is.
Or maybe he had some of Priyansh’s magazines. That’s not possible…Karan won’t...oh god! I’m going to kill shreya.

Karan was back at 7 30.
“Hey…what’s cooking?”
“Why do you look so happy, why?”
“Relax babe, don’t you want the man you love to be happy?” said Karan, tasting the eggs out of the pan.
“‘Course I do. I love you and I want you to be happy…(silently)…Even if it means reading priyansh’s magazines…”
“I didn’t catch that last bit?” said Karan entering the loo.
“ Oh nothing I’m just muttering to me, myself you know…generally”

“Somebody’s at the door Aaina!”
“I heard that!”
A loud sound of flushing.
Aaina opens the door to find the newspaper at the doorstep.
She picks it up looking confused to see why there was a newspaper sitting in front of her door after a national holiday plus with no smiling paperboy…
“Open it.”
“What’s all this?”
She opens the newspaper to find the middle page blank with only a few words written in large fonts that immediately took her by surprise.


P.S. I know you like surprises.

Monday, September 29, 2008


So the last few days have been fun.
i can see changes. in me, in a lot of other things that is very amusing.
had a day today. woke up in the morning to learn that I'm going to be living alone after 7 years. random i know, but very obvious too. then i go ahead to this beauty "clinic" and really had a good time there with mum( i know i was surprised too). I then visited bandra again with lavi. with a lot of philandering of window shopping, we got in an expensive anita dongre collection looking all shabby with unkempt hair and sweat patches all over that the staff were extra vigilant at our entry and we certainly made an early exit there. But the jewellery there was extremely beautiful(not that id buy any of it) but they just look good to look at.
we then browsed into AND another anita dongre collection which sells chic stuff. It felt good to just look and drool. and we kept reassuring each other- "one day", "yes, one day".
we walked along hill road, saw some attractive bags, bascically just doing girly stuff. then we come across this golawala that claims to be the cleanest (and expensive) golawala ever. and believe me, its good. its called some googla shit thats a supposed copy of "google" (which didnt sound really amusing but it did show effort) and they had amazing peach and plum and leechi flavours with plastic sticks and not the usual lakdi ones.
it was a real treat.
plus these bloody chappal walas! omg! we saw these real good black pair of heels that we liked at linking road (fuf!) and he cliamed them to be for 550 bucks. omg. then lavi bargains at a hell bent price of 150. and he agrees, he bloody agrees. we didnt buy them later on but it was just very amusing with all the sudden change in decision within a matter of like seconds.

"550 ka hai"
"kya bhaiyya, itna jyada?"
"arre madam yehi price hai! aap kitna doge?"
"arre madam, chalo 445 de do"
"acha chalo 300 mein le lo"
"madam last price bolo"
"acha thik hai 200 mein, accha guaaarentee bhi hai madam"
"thik hai, pack kar du?"

have a day tomorrow too, lets see how that goes.