Friday, September 12, 2008

Knock knock

knock knock.
who's there?
its me.
me who?
sam, you jackass.
oh hey. its wassup?

isnt is annoying when ppl just outrightly ignore you? the above conversation is an example of what would happen if i took a step ahead myself.
have a freakishly bad cold and splitting headache. i know none of you dumbheads are gona call and check in, but whatever..
so i pretended a lot today that there are no exams in three days but it didnt really work much. coz i jus realised something called as my concious mind still very much is existing. And its started to scream in a very high pitched squeaky voice which is not very amusing to hear after a 124 times.

the city is going to the dogs by the way.
so much of litter on the streets! ppl please use things called as dustbins. and if you're gona retort that there are no dustbins around then pl make some. some empty box or can or whatever.
just dont litter.
its absolutely disgusting for ppl who like to breathe and not hold thier breaths till they pant for air.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Exuberance is scary sometimes.

oh yay! today was like real good. i happen to be sulking for days about "stuff" and then today finally i tried my luck and put in all effort i could in my work, and guess what? she liked my damned project! (lil dance)
well, now i know i dont practically suck.
saw rock on today, and liked it. farhan akhtar now isnt farhan akhtar sitting besides saroj khan.
but really, i have this fantasy that the guy id be with, would sing for me. not in the everybody-is-staring-this-is-embarrasing kind of a thing. but yea, like take me by surprise and start singing for me.
and 'course he needs to know what song to sing. :)

when its dark
and i try to find you
you seem to get lost...

what if we all were floating in mid-air?
now dont judge me, i know im the girl who was supposedly looking like a girl today (said so by 5 ppl, 5 ppl!)
but yea. what if we were?
like all dangling in mid -air? wouldnt that be cool?