Friday, September 5, 2008

mushroom soup, not bad.

so when you enter the kitchen and see a packet of mushroom soup lying around, you make it.
coz well, it aint that bad. not at all.
and also when your intestine feels all funny and very puky-loving, listening to sad songs doesnt help. just an advice. sumthn like never touch your eyes when youve touched chilli. yeah. sumthin like that.
so now that i bring on the topic of chillies, i had some sort of schezwan sauce last night. puky. so puky. with this very sad sizzler ordered at home. yes, sizzlers ordered at home. i know its stupid, but the i jus wanted to know whether it still sizzles at home after making it an hour before, then packed, put on a cycle and brought home. apparently, it doesnt. plus it even tastes bad. now how would i know that they would mix gravy and french fries? (phhbbt!)

ruminations at its best by the way people with all the possible whining and moaning.
i can be very impossible at times. just brood and brood. it even irritates me after a while with a sudden urge to get very very high.
with exams coming up, its gona be a frustrating week.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I will go down with this ship.

done. all projects done.
so today was scary. for me. for the pregnant lady who clutched my hand so tight.
she was a musu lady with a child of about two in her hand trying to get a bloody rick in that hot weather and uncomfortable humidity. shes standing in front of a crowded bus stop and none of those bloody idiots helped her find a rick let alone comfort her. damn.
felt so jittery for a while. ive never seen someone in labour pains before. i helped her till the station, found her husband, cleared the traffic for thier rickshaw to reach the station with the other kid staring into my eyes very oblivious to his mother's pain. it was just so scary. i really hope that her husband took her in time. neway. i was so nervous about that lady but yet i had to leave and all i cud think of later was her and her to-be baby..she had to break her fast of roza too..

had almost like a terrible week. absolutely. mentally, emotionally, physically.
if only i would'nt feel the way i do. if only. i so gota rush things with myself now.

its just like the exact opposite of the way you wanted your barbie to be. but then you learn to accept and move on. i got this real good book called "you are here" and believe me it helps. so much! the author is the one who writes the column of "being single in the city" in mumbai mirror.. and she writes it so well. haha. its pretty sophie kinsella type. nehow.

so much to write, but it aint right.