Wednesday, August 6, 2008

omg! its raining!

omg!! its been raining since morning!! such an eventful day toady..umm..lost my wallet. it had lotsa cash plus my pass. my first class quarterly pass. damn. it was so frustrating. i cudnt reach ne1, but then one of my friend's helped me out and i cud atleast go places. my first day at work today. and i see one of my people from the past. ew! ew! how i hate him.
and its raining all long. it was such a tiring day. atleast work was satisfying. plus then i hope i have a better day tomorrow. .mums pissed.. coz of me. damn me. neway its really late, plus i have an early day tomorrow :)
(u wont get the joke, its between me and

Sunday, August 3, 2008


well, its a sunday. sundays are supposed to be relaxing, rejuvenating but nope. my sunday was taxing. got up like really late according to mum (it was jus 10 in the mornin!), did all expenses planning(got money! haha!!), ordered pizza(beat ya suckers!!),then went all the way to bandra for the event we are covering, to find out that its been chucked today. imagine my plight. it had taken all mental preparation(and obligation) to leave my cozy bed and afternoon sleep to go to college. and then they simply scrap out the event. humph! atleast got complimentary red bull (haha!i like i like!!).then came back home all tired and irritated coz my sis wants all her work done..then i go meet my friend reeti (it was frndship day too), and expect another "friend" to come along, but that doesnt happen. :( so ya. bummer.

food and water is the only best thing that has happnd to me. humph!!