Friday, April 18, 2008

Lost in the game?

Is it diffidence or the thought of being socially unacceptable that makes children not raise their voices in protest to make choices of their own? Science being the colossal branch of technicality and theories that it is has now alluded majority of the students and parents to opt for this stream for either having a proud stand in their community or because of dreams that lead to having secure jobs and full bank accounts. Why is that the other streams as creative as the art sector is neglected? The decision factor for a student’s career is the marks that he scores? Why isn’t arts given as much importance and consideration as any other lucrative field? Where parents take proud that their children have chosen science as their career field, the fervent and tough competitions are making students more aggressive and frustrated with their lives at the age of 17! It is a psychologically proven fact that children when not given a stand for their decisions can become frustrated and reticent socially and mentally. And stupendously, it even more is astounding to know that a child’s desire and choices are quelled so as to live to their parents’ dreams!
Education received in any area, in any field is eventually considered as knowledge put to use. If the entire section of students attempts this rat race for entering the field of technicality then how will all the other jobs be given justice? All of us expect our nation to come forward in the competition with the best ecologists, industrialists, artists, musicians, literature and so much more even though we refrain the young blood to come forward in such areas where there is enough glory and recognition as any other strong contenders of the science section. Children are good learners from their own mistakes and should at least given a chance to prove their capabilities and competency to survive. This universal acceptance of only the intelligent being wise and stealing the glory should be negated by allowing our children to do the best they can with their capabilities. So how is it possible for us to grow and flourish if we do not think in a wide spectrum?
Our minds should think beyond the horizon, accept the unexpected and live for the future. A broad mind is never accepted in this age of living. People are still bound with their own beliefs and have locked themselves in the world of feign and perfunctory duties. Its requisite for us to understand and absorb the versatility of an individual as they come into this world, expected to be loved and understood.
Every individual should have their own command on life so as to see this world from their eyes and stumble occasionally to reach perfection. Its high time that parents accept and respect their children’s desires and decisions as there is no teacher who is as good as children themselves.